How To Set Up A WordPress Blog On Cpanel Hosting

Once you get the domain name, you need to get reliable web hosting. This can be quite crucial, because as you scale you will need a trusted partner to provide you reliability, uptime and quality support. Prices have gone very low, so for few dollars you can get enough disk space and bandwidth. Reliable hosting providers come with a script installation platform called Fantastico which allows you to install wordpress blog within few seconds. Login to your cpanel account, find the Fantastico icon, select the wordpress blog and install it.

Four: When you are blogging, it is important that you are able to create permalinks. With just the click of a button, you can easily do this in wordpress.

If you are blogging on wordpress platform, there is a free Editorial Calendar plugin available and I highly recommend using it. You can use that as a sort of a notebook for your blog posts, and also paste in all links related to your post. When you are ready to finish the post, you open a draft, edit it and schedule or publish right away.

To install the plugins you need to upload and download several files. So, if you are familiar with PHP, HTML and CSS it will be easy for you to modify the WordPress files and templates for plugins.

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform used by many of the top bloggers. It will take time to learn the program and master how to use it. I believe the time spent will be well worth it and will help get you on track to create a great blog to share with the world. I’ve been very happy with WordPress and will continue to use it on all of my blogs. As always, do your research and go with the companies and platforms that you are most comfortable with. If you do choose to use any of my recommendations, it would be very much appreciative if you click on the Artisteer or Bluehost affiliate links in this post. Doing so will help support Think Entrepreneurship so we can continue to write and provide tips for entrepreneurs.

What ever you choose to do with your WordPress blog, you’ll be able to share it with all your friends, followers and readers through a wide range of social bookmarking options. Add your Facebook fan page and Twitter followers to your blog to add authority and encourage more readers to follow your posts.

Here’s the problem: You want to create a website – either to help promote your brick and mortar business or you want to create a website to earn an additional income from it. You start your research and now find a so many web creation tools that you feel overwhelmed. The top ten listings of products are investigated – a process which may take hours to do. Often, after these research sessions you are even more confused. Here’s where the danger lies. You do not make a choice. Because you are confused, you procrastinate. It’s also called “the fear of making the wrong choices”.

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