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There’s this propaganda that since Google owns Blogger, they tend to favor Blogger accounts. I won’t say that this is illogical, but from my experience, there’s no such favoritism.

With your self-hosted WordPress blog you can choose to monetize it using various revenue sharing services such as Google AdSense & In-Text advertising. You may also want to sell advertising space on your blog at a later date should you wish to.

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform used by many of the top bloggers. It will take time to learn the program and master how to use it. I believe the time spent will be well worth it and will help get you on track to create a great blog to share with the world. I’ve been very happy with WordPress and will continue to use it on all of my blogs. As always, do your research and go with the companies and platforms that you are most comfortable with. If you do choose to use any of my recommendations, it would be very much appreciative if you click on the Artisteer or Bluehost affiliate links in this post. Doing so will help support Think Entrepreneurship so we can continue to write and provide tips for entrepreneurs.

Cloud hosting is a somewhat new web hosting solution, though cloud computing practices have been in use for more than three decades. And while there may be some minute security issues, they are no more prevalent than what you would find in a shared hosting account. The true upside here is the ability for your web site to access its resources over multiple servers.

No more external links or separate websites for your blog – on the wordpress platform, your blog is built right in. So for businesses, this makes updated your blog and your website extremely easy – and helps your website gain rankings on the search engines because your content is constantly being updated.

I have created a header for my daughter’s blog already, but she is still deciding what she wants her domain name to be. The ones we have tried to get so far have been taken. My daughter’s blog is going to be about cheerleading.

One of the biggest reasons why so many bloggers choose WordPress is because of its creative limitless and the simple fact that it’s completely free to download. Of course there is the exception of paying a small hosting fee to host your website but to be to frank that’s just a matter of a few dollars each month. If you choose to monetize your blog you can easily make that back within a few months anyway.

How To Make Your Blog More Seo Friendly To Get More Customers

WordPress itself is a web design software that is free to download and when hosted by yourself can have so much more potential. When you use the free hosting you don’t get the opportunity to have many extras (WordPress Plugins). These particular plugins can transform an ordinary site into a major player in the internet.

VPS hosting is a reliable and more affordable way to host your web site, but will be much more expensive then the cheapest WordPress hosting out there. Some small and limited VPS accounts can be obtained for as little as a month. And due to the partitioned server or virtual spaces, you will have an enhanced level of security and server speed.

One of the great things about WordPress being Open Source is the fact that updates are often available. Whenever a bug is reported and fixes, an update is created to address the problem. This ensures you that your blog or website is secure and free of any bugs or technical issues.

Now, when you create content you will want to focus on an exact keyword for each of the pages you develop. Therefore, before you even begin to build your website you should do research to find a minimum of twenty to thirty keywords you can write articles about.

If you are blogging to make money online, having your blog with your own domain is a must. No matter if you are doing Adsense, affiliate or selling your own product, you have to have your own identity in the internet. A blog is a way for you to communicate with your audience and it is important that you know who they are. So, you must add a capture page in you blog so that when people who comes to you site leaves their details, you know who they are. This will give a clear idea who and where they are from.

No more external links or separate websites for your blog – on the wordpress platform, your blog is built right in. So for businesses, this makes updated your blog and your website extremely easy – and helps your website gain rankings on the search engines because your content is constantly being updated.

Website scripting isn’t necessary. The user interface is simple to use. There is also the possibility of managing the site remotely, albeit slightly more advanced.

How To Add WordPress Plugins

Now you’ll want to download the files from WordPress (there are super easy instructions on the WordPress website about how to do this). Then, take these same files and upload them into your hosting account at GoDaddy, Host Gator, or wherever you have your site hosted. And, if you get stuck on this, GoDaddy’s staff will help you for free – just give their customer service number a call!

So this is what you’ll need to get your head around before and during the design and development process of your wordpress website. If you already have knowledge of these coding platforms then you’ll have no problem whatsoever.

Once you’ve decided on a domain name for your blog or website, you’ll need to register it and find a host. I’ve found that the simplest way to do this is to use a company called Bluehost for both your domain registration and hosting. They are a great company and I’ve used them for many of my blogs. What i like about Bluehost is that it is a flat .95 per month for hosting and the price includes the initial cost of your domain registration. That fee also allows you to host multiple domains under the one account. So if you have three other websites they can all be hosted under the one account for .95 per month. The other reason I use Bluehost is because they make it really easy to install the free wordpress platform on your website.

I assume this is possible the only way it can be done, since there no systematic tool to design a website without knowledge of coding. Now you may argue, but I’m talking about real design. Not templated options. I know for a fact there is software out there for you to create a wordpress blog from templates and colour options. This isn’t the kind of design I am talking about.

If you are doing video blogging (Vlogging), you will need bandwidth. Unless you are prepared to piggyback your feeds on the YouTube video infrastructure. This sounds tempting, but has many issues you will want to consider.

And if you have your sights set on launching a single blog site, the cheapest WordPress hosting may be perfect for you. And it is important to understand that this will be a shared hosting scenario in most cases. And while this is not the upper echelon of hosting, it is still considered a viable means of hosting a web site if acquired from a quality web host.

Once you have done this, write down an opening sentence for each of these posts, because now the topics are really fresh in your mind and you listed them thus you know you have something to say about them. If you skip this step you will subconsciously increase overwhelm, because you are telling yourself that this is something important you need to remember later. If you write it down right away, your mind gets at ease.

What Is WordPress And Why It’s So Popular?

Yes, you need to put security measures into place. If you’re using WordPress, you need to keep the themes, plugins and WordPress files up to date. This is really easy to do in the WordPress admin area and usually only takes a couple of mouse clicks.

Now that you have some great plugins installed on your site you are ready to start making some posts. It is the content that is king when it comes to being ranked highly in the search engines. If you put up crap expect crappy results. Make sure that anything you write is understandable and is written on a 5th-12th grade reading level for the best results. Not only do the search engines like this, but it is much easier to read when people are busily scanning through your site.

Templates can come in mini-site format, as well as WordPress themes. WordPress sites can help you rank on Google; however, as of late, they have not been ranking as well. Additionally, the wordpress platform is prone to spyware attacks since it is open source, and requires quite a bit of regular updating. But hey, if you have time on your hands, why not?

WordPress is the worlds most widely used content management system available at bare minimum costs with the exception of Blogger. It boasts a host of online support available from both the community of users and WordPress.org themselves.

There are two different ways to add plugins to WordPress. The first one is to go out and find the plugin you are looking for on the internet. You can then download the file that they give you. From there, all you have to do is log in to your WordPress blog and select the add new plugin link. WordPress will then have you point to the file you downloaded and it will automatically upload it into the correct directory.

I am all for people getting started blogging as quickly as possible, so at this stage it shouldn’t be an issue about which WordPress to use. Just get started with WordPress dot COM so that you can get the hang of it. Blogger is even more basic. There’s also a more secure feeling being part of the WordPress online community – and they will make sure the system stays up and running.

Instead, use keyword modifiers to climb to the top of the search results. When I add “marketing strategist” to the same search, the list narrows to 258,000. Now, let’s try copywriter + marketing strategist + self help. Now, the list has narrowed to 65,800. If you really want to narrow your search, add a geographic keyword modifier to your copy. I’m going to add “South Carolina,” since that’s where I currently reside. There i am in the third position on a Google search. Because I am listed in a high-ranking website, I’ve increased my exposure.

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to get started with Google adsense if you have a Blogger account. In fact you can now apply for Adsense from within a Blogger account. Not entirely surprising considering the fact that both are owned by the same company.

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